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The Official Lyric Video for my Latest Track, "60 40" focusing on how we can "WIN" in every situation by looking to Jesus regardless of how low the "Score" seems. To Win Christ is EVERYTHING so in Him - What is there to lose? It's easy to live life with the "just hold on and hope there are no problems" attitude. But what if we could fly above the storms of life and win even in situations that look hopeless! What if we stopped seeing life through the lens of "what is going on" and began to look up and see that no matter the circumstance, God is working *behind the scenes* to use each raindrop for our growth!! To win in life doesn't depend on the number of battles you happen to face, it depends on whether you have God as your Strength or...not. Success isn't found when hands are full, but when eyes look up! This track was inspired by an email I received from a friend how had a basketball match and happened to lose (with the results 60-40). As I read I felt God leading me to reply with these words: "Success is a choice! At the end of every match - remember that your response to the result determines if you won - not the result itself. 60-40 doesn't mean loss. *Pride* means loss for the winners. *Giving Up* means loss for the losers." From that - I was encouraged in my own battles to see that I can win (no matter what) as long as I fix my eyes on Jesus! So I felt led to write this song. The following day - I spent the whole day (from 10am to almost midnight) writing, recording and mixing. Then the next day (today) I noticed a mistake. Yet I was encouraged ((by the song's concept)) to "win" by taking it to the LORD! So, that evening I was able to re-record the mistake and in doing so I noticed another mistake & was able to improve the song in many other ways. I have seen God work wonders in the making of this track and it is my highest hope & deepest desire that He works wonders through it as you listen.

Posted by Asa on November 8, 2015 at 9:50 AM 184 Views

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