Posted by Asa on January 17, 2015 at 6:35 PM

In Judges 7:2, God doesn't let Gideon fight the Midianites because the people of Gideon were too great in number & would glory in themselves if they won saying "my own hand has saved me". In other words, it would be easy for good rappers to collaboratively make a chart-topping song so they would be more likely to boast than if I did because I would see it as the work of God, being less talented & popular.

This connects to Ephesians 2:8,9 which says we are saved by Grace, 'not of works, lest anyone should boast'. You see the Midianites kinda represent the law. It's like God says, 'I won't make the law achievable (by giving you the Midianites to fight) because then you'll boast in your achievement, I'll make it impossible to reach so that when you win the fight you'll see it's My battle, not yours'!!


God does this by filtering out the people. This is like Him replacing the 'good rappers' I mentioned before with me so that the song (representing the battle) would bring God glory rather than us. He does this by sending the ones who drank water by getting on their knees back home along with those who were scared to fight & to those who drank like dogs He says, "I will save you & deliver the Midianites into your hand". Because of this, in verses 14 & 18, they acknowledge God as the One who rescued them. In the same way, now that God has saved us & won our battle against by defeating sin & death on the cross for us, we now praise Him & see it's not our own works. 

Religion is like believing God would have let them fight the battle themselves to see if they win. Many die but God doesn't intervene - it's all down to us, when in this story they were chosen, but why? because they drank like 'dogs'? Our righteousness is as 'filthy rags' to the Lord. You see, Religion is the belief that we can win by our own strength, & the problem with it is we end by saying in our hearts, "my own hand has saved me"(v.2). Salvation is the belief that we have failed God & can only win through Him making us say in our hearts, "God has delivered"(v.14)!!

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