Posted by Asa on January 1, 2015 at 4:50 PM

It's now 1am on 1/1/2015. In other words it's New Year's Day!! What a blessing to see how God has kept me through another year & how I've grown in so many ways. There have been battles & storms along the way but God has been with me through them all. 2 Peter 1:5-8 is my NY resolution - it's what I want to be true of me!!


Years mean nothing - they're just measurements of time. Time continues to move even now. Each moment I want to grow & have the resolution afresh to bring glory to my Lord & Saviour & Strength & Redeemer & Father & Friend & Rock & Shelter & Strong Tower & Deliverer & Shepherd & Almighty God...the King of Kings & Lord of Lords...the Alpha & Omega...who is God from Everlasting to Everlasting to Whom no one or thing compares! But how cheap words are in the face of God's splendour & the Riches in Christ. Can they even come close to expressing the incomprehensible reality of God's nature? 'His works are Truth & His ways are Justice'. But the nature of His works & His ways are unknown to us, even when we think we understand the fullness of God.


The point is that God's fullness is beyond measure. God's fullness isn't 100% but without dimension. Infinity itself is eternally less than the dimensions of God's fullness. That might not make sense but, can God make sense to us? Can our brains with such limited capacity begin to even download 1kb of God or comprehend the slightest aspect of His character? We can't rely on the thoughts which spark within our minds. But we can trust in God & see that this understanding is not a spark we have somehow managed to create, but light we have received through the lamp to our feet...God's Word. If no God exists who we can rely upon, how can we spend a moment drawing our attention away from the beat of our hearts which each moment sustains us? How can we trust that order remains within each atom in the universe if nothing is held in place? How can we trust a thing? We can rest in God so freely as we realise that He alone never makes mistakes as His plan is perfect & without blemish. Praise God that through 2015, I have Him to trust in & can lean on His everlasting arms in all things, knowing that He (who is Love) is in complete control!!




"Every heartbeat is another opportunity to praise & every breath is another chance to make a change." (from No Place Like Prayer)

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