WELCOME. I'M ACE (17 YR OLD MUSIC ARTIST).  check out my most recent releases and discover more about me via the pages above.


Thanks for visiting my site where you'll find all my latest releases. I'm Ace, I've been making rap music casually as a side-hobby for around 7 years as I've always enjoyed writing poetically (view my poems here) but sadly haven't been gifted with the ability to sing. Through this time, I've written & recorded over 60 songs that mostly have just been produced in place of a diary (which I've always found long to keep). It's only recently, since I became a Christian in September 2012, that I've started writing lyrics for others with the hope that I'll encourage them. My motivation is my faith in God & knowing He can use my musical & lyrical abilities as instruments to impact the lives of others. Recently, I came across a comment of a video I posted on YouTube which reads "Q. What do rap music and things of God have in common? A. Absolutely Nothing!!! It's inappropriate have a little more respect for the Lord!!". This shows that there are some who would argue that rap music is disrespectful & doesn't bring glory to God as it's "demonic" & "secularised". However, as you'll see in the 'My Life' page, Hip-Hop music played a role in leading me to Christ. Seeing the impact God has caused it to have on me, it's clear that He can use something which is usually "secularised" (or at least - not usually used for God's glory) in the same way He uses a book to speak into the lives of Christians everyday. I hope the lyrics I write & record reflect God's truth & speak into the lives of those who hear them. Feel free to check out the pages above for music, videos & to find out more about my journey to freedom in Christ.


Take a look at one of my latest music videos, '60:40' below: